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Presto began life in 2007 as a PR agency working with clients in the construction sector.

Over recent years, our expertise for the written word has gradually manoeuvred us along a new and exciting path; we are now proud to offer a package of editorial services, allowing you to benefit from our passion and talent for beautifully written copy.

Formally qualified in proofreading and copy-editing with 25 years’ copywriting experience, Presto belongs to the Chartered Institute of Editors and Proofreaders and can help you with any form of written content. Whether you’re an individual with an important letter to write, an author with a manuscript for checking, or a business with a brand to promote and web content to maintain, the words you use and the way you present them are essential in how you are perceived. One wrong apostrophe and it could be make or break.

Do not believe the rumours that grammar and punctuation are becoming less relevant in modern language. Your peers, colleagues and potential clients will judge you on spelling mistakes, sloppy grammar, and misplaced dots and dashes; don’t let yourself down.

Be polished. Be professional. Speak to Presto.