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Presto works as part of our team and has an in-depth understanding of our products and processes. Our PR project database, designed and maintained by Presto, has become an integral part of our ongoing PR management procedure.
Anita Houghton, Marketing Manager, Alumasc

Look after your blog with ‘Blog99’

Have you been neglecting your blog?

If your website lies dormant for too long, it is less likely to be picked up by search engines. Blogging is a great way of constantly refreshing your web content, improving your search rankings, engaging with your customers, driving traffic to your site and increasing sales.

Let Presto restore your blog.

‘Blog99’ is an affordable package which generates a fresh blog once a fortnight, for just £99 a month. It requires minimal input from you, meaning you can get on with running your business while your new content works its magic. The price includes upload to WordPress-based sites.

Download details, call 07962 171780 to sign up, or contact us here.

Articles and Press Releases

In 2016, Presto PR was awarded “Best Technical Copywriting” at the Corporate Vision Small Business Awards.

We have built a reputation among trade press editors, for producing informative, highly credible copy, providing vital industry comment and opinion to their readership.

The great news is that once Presto has discussed the subject matter with you, all you need to do is provide us with some basic info and then quite literally leave the rest to us. We guarantee that your final article or press release will be of the highest quality and will get you noticed throughout the industry and its press.

At Presto, we are proud to have a passion for grammatical accuracy and are completely opposed to the abolition of the apostrophe!

Campaign Strategy

Presto will work with you to identify all newsworthy activity within your company. Your project case studies, contract wins, product launches and corporate news can be worked into a structured campaign and distributed to relevant publications as regular press releases.

We formulate a carefully considered approach, depending on your own specific requirements and objectives, ensuring that your finalised campaign is going to hit the press with maximum impact.

There are also many free on-line resources now available within the industry – and Presto can make sure you’re making the most of those too.

Media Buying

If display advertising forms part of your Marketing Strategy, Presto can assist with the planning and purchase of your advertising space.

We will construct a campaign to complement your PR output, and will ensure you appear in the most relevant features. Presto has long standing relationships with all the most well-respected publications and is able to secure the most competitive rates and value for money packages, on your behalf.

We can also manage your advertising deadlines, leaving you to concentrate on running your business.

Social Media Content

Anything that Presto PR produces for you, can also be maximised as content for your social media pages. This not only ensures a stream of regular posts to your followers, but also means you get full value for money from everything we do for you.